The Essential Guide if You’re Looking for Gift Ideas for Her

There are heaps of important occasions that might call for gift ideas for women, which means that once, twice or maybe even three times every year you’re going to be faced with a challenge. Not the hardest one you might find yourself facing, but sometimes it can be a little confusing if you’re looking for top gifts for her. Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day all call for a special sort of gift. One that is personal, caring, thoughtful, enjoyable, fun or meaningful. But preferably a gift that has more than one of these qualities, or all of them rolled into one. There’s nothing wrong with having lots of options, but we all know how confusing it can be when there are way too many. The problem arises because you want your gift to be memorable, rather than the kind of gift that hundreds of other men have given to their ladies. That’s why we’ve dedicated this website to finding the best gift ideas for her, whether it’s your mother, girlfriend, wife, sister or female friend that you’re buying the gift for.

gifts for womensIf the ladies in your life tell you that they don’t consider a gift important then perhaps you shouldn’t believe them, because it’s probably not true. If you’re really lucky they’ll happily tell you the kind of gift they’re expecting, but it’s far more likely they’ll set you a challenge. However, this is going to be much more fun and exciting, because everyone loves a good surprise. We happen to have learned a lot about the dark art of gift giving and are planning to share it with you now and in the future. Let’s start with some advice on choosing the right kind of gift.

Tips on Choosing the Best Gifts for Her

If there’s a female you know that’s got an important occasion coming up you’re going to need some gift ideas for women. There are a few things you can do that will ensure your gift is significant and stands out from the crowd.

Consider her interests
It would be a good idea to make a list of the things that define the lady as a person, along with all her interests and preferences. Take your time in compiling the list because it’s not the kind of thing that can be done in five minutes. Then add a gift that suits each one, picking gifts that are big and small. Once you’ve made your list keep it safe because it’s going to come in very handy for all those special occasions that call for gift ideas for her. Obviously you’re not going to be giving her all the gifts at once and by sitting down and concentrating on the problem you’ll be able to brainstorm lots of different ideas. Spending some time thinking about the kind of gifts you can give your wife, girlfriend, mother or friend will be appreciated by the recipient because it’ll show how thoughtful you’ve been.

Is there anything that she needs?
We’re not talking specifics here, but more on a general level. There aren’t many people who don’t need something, but you need to be thinking in more broader terms. Is your mum really busy? Would she appreciate a little more free time? Perhaps the gift ideas you should be looking at are things that give her more time. Top gifts for her might include an electronic planner or a tablet with an organiser already installed as part of the software. If you’re a little uncertain about the sort of things that would be useful why not ask her family or friends? It’s very likely that they will have similar needs or might be more in tune with the type of gifts women of a certain age will appreciate. It’s always good to get a second opinion as you may have a narrow view of the female in question.

Time to become a PI
If you’re looking for the best gift ideas for your wife you’re going to have to put your investigative powers to the test. See if you can get a look at an online gift site that she regularly visits to see if she’s compiled a wish list. Or how about reading through her Facebook posts which might give you an idea of the kind of gift she’d love to receive.

Good presentation will make a difference
When you’ve finally got the best gift for your lady, try and do something special for the presentation. Ribbons, bows and fancy wrapping paper are far better than a carrier bag or just the packaging that came with the gift. You could always choose to make the event a complete surprise or make your gift the ultimate prize at the end of a treasure hunt. Remember when you were a kid? Just as much fun was gained by unwrapping your presents, and we all know this feeling doesn’t change much as you get older.

Add a touch of personalization
Adding some personalization to any kind of gift is always going to lift it out of humdrum into excellent. You could add the recipient’s name or personalize it with your own. Alternatively why not make the gift yourself for the ultimate in personalization?

Your gift should raise a smile or a laugh
A smile is always great to see when you give anyone a gift, but top gifts for her that make her laugh out loud would be brilliant. Almost everyone has got a good sense of humour and let’s face it there isn’t a lot to laugh about in today’s modern world, so do your bit and give the recipient something that will fill her day with laughter.

Have they really got everything they need?
This scenario is highly unlikely but if your wife, girlfriend, mom or friend really mean it when they say it why not make a donation in their name to their favourite charity? She may not need anything but there are plenty of people across the globe who have nothing and would welcome a charitable donation.

With all these questions you might be wondering about the benefits of giving and receiving gifts. Time to look at how important it has become in our culture.

Why gift giving has become so ingrained in our society

gifts from him to herThere are lots of occasions when gift giving has become a big part of the celebrations, for example birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day and wedding anniversaries. Gifts are given to co-workers, friends, relatives, wives, mothers, sisters and daughters, in fact just about anyone it seems. It makes no difference who the recipient is though. Gifts play a part in the way we interact with each other and strengthen bonds. Why have gifts become so vital?

Are we more giving, generous and charitable than in previous years, or have we got more disposable income that can be used not just to make ourselves happy but other people too? Is the giving of gifts a new trend or has it been going on for centuries and why has it become so vital? The best way to answer these questions is to step back in history.

Ever since the Old Testament the giving and receiving of gifts has been taking place but let’s start our look back by visiting Ancient Rome. New Year was the time when gifts were exchanged way back then, but they were more tokens with symbolic meaning. They could be branches from a sacred tree or food and valuable spices. Gifts could also be in the form of fruit and vegetables, that were given in honour of the fertility deity Strenia. Gift giving was completely voluntarily, but there have been many powerful people throughout history who forced people to give them valuable gifts and lots of them.

Later on in history, as Christianity spread across the globe, church leaders began to look unfavourably at the popular practice of giving gifts and tried to ban it. They were however, unsuccessful. To try and ‘Christianize’ the ceremony they used the Three Wise Men as justification. They brought gifts to the baby Jesus, so it must be OK, and introduced the concept that Christ was a gift from God.

We owe far more to the Victorian era in respect of today’s modern practises of exchanging gifts. Giving gifts at Christmas was re-invented by them, some say because of the novel “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Xmas was considered a time when hearts should be filled with charity and compassion, the giving of gifts was a natural progression.

Then came Santa Claus. And who is more famous for giving gifts than this portly chap all dressed in red. However, let’s not forget that there are more occasions worthy of a gift than just Christmas. Modern living is a hectic whirlwind of commitments, responsibilities and trying to make ends meet, which leaves little time to spend with those that you love the most. Giving gifts to each other has kind of helped us round this problem, as a way of compensating for the time we spend apart. We haven’t got time to give to all our special friends and family, including those that we love the most. So how can you let them know that you’re thinking about them and that you still care? By giving them a gift, naturally.

You might be thinking that many of the so called “Hallmark holidays” have been dreamt up by some marketing guru as an exercise in getting more from their customers. And while this might be true in part it’s no reason to forgo the pleasure of giving a gift from your heart. Gifts are a great way to keep a connection with those you love and to show them that you care…….a lot.

A wide variety of top gifts for her

Now you know how important the tradition of giving gifts is we hope that you’re poised ready for action. Just waiting for the next special occasion, so you can buy some fantastic gifts for your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister or best female friend. At first you’re going to think that this is the most difficult challenge you’ve faced so far in your relationship, but it’s a lot easier than you think. We’re going to whet your appetite with a few great suggestions and then it’s all down to you to pick the right one. And don’t forget that practice makes perfect, so the more you accept the challenge the easier it’s going to become.

gift ideas for herHowever you choose to do your shopping, whether it’s online or down at the mall, you’re going to be very impressed with the wide variety of choices, and you’ll soon realise that there is something for everyone, no matter how bizarre their taste. From 6 months to 60, there is a gift just waiting for every special lady, regardless of her taste, style, age and the level of your relationship. The trouble is that there is so much on offer it can be difficult to know where to start. Which is the whole purpose of this site – to guide you through the maze and point you in some kind of direction, making your next gift giving challenge a piece of cake.

Keep reading and don’t forget to pop back every now and again because we’ll constantly update and provide you with new and interesting solutions for all kinds of special occasions. Before you know it you’ll love the challenge as much as we do. On some of the following pages we’ll be giving you the best gift ideas for her, for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, her wedding anniversary and her birthday. No doubt we’ll find the time to cover some other important occasions such as Mother’s Day and wedding gifts.

To those of you soon to be looking for gift ideas for women we wish you good luck, but know it’s not going to be necessary because we’re going to be here to help.