Swoon or Cringe Worthy – Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Do you feel under pressure when it comes to buying anniversary gifts for your wife? Have you been listening to her dropping hints left right and centre, and are now feeling confused about which direction to take? Or had you completely forgotten about the important date and are starting to panic, because you’re not sure you’ve got enough time to find the best wedding anniversary gifts for her? Whatever the case you don’t need to dread the event, because we’re going to help. This site is dedicated to the dark art of gift buying for all different kinds of occasions, and we’ll be giving you lots of advice, tips and gift suggestions for the ladies in your life. On this page we’ll also be taking a look at a few gift giving no-no’s so you don’t fall into the trap of giving your beloved a gift that’s going to put you in the doghouse until your next anniversary.

A good bit of advice to keep in mind when looking at anniversary gift ideas for her is to pick something that she’s going to be proud to tell all her friends about. With that in mind here are some great suggestions.

Unique gift ideas she’ll be happy to brag to her friends about

best anniversary gift everA gift that adds excitement to the day
A great way to celebrate an anniversary is by enjoying a new experience together. It’s also a good opportunity to keep your relationship exciting and fresh. Thing of an activity or place you’ve both been longing to visit and make it happen. This is a chance to create more new memories and possibly even discover a little bit more about your partner. Skydiving, white water rafting, salsa dancing or gourmet cooking classes are just a few examples of what’s on offer.

Reminisce with your loved one
It will most likely have been a pretty ordinary day when you first met, but it’s everything that’s happened afterwards that have made it special. Take a walk down memory lane and revisit the location where you went on your first date, or the spot where you got down on one knee and your wife said ‘I do’. Toast the years that have passed and look forward to all those that are still to come. Why not enjoy a meal that includes dishes from your wedding day.

A gift she can keep with her
They say money won’t buy you love, but there are some pretty awesome wedding anniversary gifts for her that will ensure your relationship keeps heading in the right direction. A gift that she can keep with her and use everyday is going to be a fantastic choice. We’re talking about a piece of jewellery, a bag, stylish watch or wallet. It should be nice enough that your wife wouldn’t buy it herself, but not too fussy or extravagant because you want her to wear it every day.

If you’re still feeling nervous take assurance from the old adage, practice makes perfect. The more you participate in the gift giving experience the better you’ll become.

Now for some advice on the kind of gifts to avoid.

Wedding anniversary gifts for her that will be a disaster

Don’t give your wife a gift voucher
The value of the voucher or coupon could be a million dollars but it’s still going to be an absolute disaster if you choose this for your anniversary gift. All it’s going to say to her is that you know absolutely nothing about her, even though you’ve been living together for a number of years. You might be thinking that you’re giving her the opportunity to buy anything that she wants, but that’s not the way she’s going to look at it.

A gift relating to self-improvement
Has your wife expressed a need to visit the gym, go on a diet or eat healthier, or work through a childhood trauma? While you might want to help her with these personal issues giving her a gift that will help her reach such a goal is not a sensible choice. The reason that you’re together is that you love her just the way she is, not because there is a promise of something better.

Your gift shouldn’t fulfil one of your fantasies
What is the point of a gift if not to surprise and delight her? If you’re more excited about the gift than she is then you need to be asking yourself ‘is the gift more for me or for her?’ You might be longing to see her dressed up in some sexy underwear but is she going to be comfortable or is it going to ride up and end up being banished to the back of her underwear drawer? And let’s be honest here, it’s not just men who are guilty of giving selfish presents. How many of the ladies have bought their husband a grill because they love it when he takes over the cooking.

How to discover those unique anniversary gift ideas

So you’ve decided that you really want to buy her an anniversary gift but are still struggling to know the best place to start. You want your gift to be special, memorable and unique but haven’t got a clue whether the gift that you’re thinking of is the right one for her. We’re going to give you some tips and suggestions that will guide you through the choosing of your gift. When the day comes around you’ll know you’ve hit the nail on the head because she won’t be able to stop smiling.

purpale matched setFind a gift that’s meaningful
Surely you want your gift to show how much she means to you, so thinking about going that extra mile. Say for example you’ve decided to buy her a music player for your anniversary because you know how much she enjoys listening to music. Don’t just wrap up the box as soon as it arrives. Spend a little time uploading some of her favourite music and possibly even a few memorable tunes. If you know she loves creating exotic meals then gather together some interesting ingredients and suggest you make something together. Gifts can be far more meaningful if you get to enjoy them together.

Sometimes it’s all in the presentation
Anybody can buy a gift and wrap it in wrapping paper, but can everyone find the perfect way to present a gift? Adding a thoughtful message is going to show her how much you’ve thought about her and add to pleasure of receiving the gift. You should be spending just as much time thinking about the presentation as you are the gift.

Agree on some boundaries for your unique anniversary gift ideas
When it comes to celebrating an anniversary the giving of gifts is not a one way street. Your wife is going to be looking for anniversary gifts for her husband too. Sit down and agree on some boundaries with regards for example, the price of your gifts.

Every anniversary is special and worthy of giving fantastic gifts so make every one count by putting thought into the choosing. Stay tuned for lots more ideas on gifts you can choose for those special ladies in your life, whatever the occasion.