Keep the Romance Alive with Our Valentine Gift Ideas for Her

Just because you’ve got married doesn’t mean you need to let Valentine’s Day slide. It is equally as important, whether you;ve only just met or been married for a decade or more. Did she say that getting her a gift for Valentine isn’t important? Don’t believe her for a minute. What she really means is that you’d better get her something, so make sure you pass the test by taking some inspiration from our Valentine’s gift ideas for her.

How to choose the right Valentine gift for her

valentines day gifts for herSuch a dilemma… finding the right gift for Valentine’s Day can be rather daunting. Picking up a generic gift from the store on your way home will make it look like you didn’t put much thought into it. Buy something you think she’s going to like, and you’re going to be wondering how close did you get to the ideal Valentine gift for her? Let’s give you a few Valentine gift giving tips that might give you some inspiration.

Keep your ear to the ground for the inevitable hints – Time to listen up guys, because you can be pretty sure she’s going to be dropping hints. They might be very subtle hints so you’re going to have to listen well. When a female knows that an important event is coming up, it could be her birthday, your anniversary and especially Valentine’s Day, she’s going to be dropping hints left, right and centre. She’s not going to come right out and say “I want such and such for Valentine’s Day” because that would make it much too easy. Instead she’ll be hinting and using her special female language to let you know what you need to get for her Valentine gift this year. Step up to the plate and accept the challenge, because if you get the gift right you’ll be well rewarded.

What are her favourites? – Take a look in her wardrobe, trinket box, bathroom cabinet, kitchen cupboards, in fact look everywhere around your home, and you’ll get a good idea of her taste and style. It’s a foolproof way to come up with some great Valentine’s gift ideas for her.

Romance and effort are important by-words – Ladies love a spot of romance, especially when it comes from their beloved husband. And you might not like the idea but writing her a love poem or heartfelt message is going to make her weak at the knees. You might not consider yourself a budding Wordsworth but as long as the words convey your feelings she’s sure to be impressed with the effort you put in.

The devil’s in the detail don’t you know – In other words dress up the gift rather than just throwing it to her in the packaging that it came in or wrapped up in a carrier bag. A lot of the anticipation and excitement comes from carefully unwrapping the gift paper, untying the bows and cutting the ribbon.

Gifts for herShe doesn’t have to know that you’ve cheated a little – And by cheating we only mean asking friends and family for a few helpful hints. She might prefer that you come up with a great idea all on your own, but surely a little help is better than giving her a gift that’s a complete disaster.

Roses still work a treat – Roses go with romance and they have done for centuries. Today is no different. Red roses of course, if you want to be true to tradition, but how about a gift from Eternity Rose? They’ve developed a process that preserves the beauty of an individual bloom. Dipping each bloom in a precious metal produces a gift that any lady would be proud to own.

It’s the thought not the price tag that matters most to the majority of females, so make sure you put a lot of it into your Valentine gift for her.

Valentine gifts should be thoughtful

Chocolates, flowers and a touch of bling are great fall back gifts for Valentine’s Day, but why shouldn’t you consider a gift that goes the extra mile? Just the fact that you remembered will be well appreciated but you’ll reap the benefits if you’re prepared to put in a little more effort. You’ll make her feel special if you pick a gift that relates to her interests, rather than opting for the easy option of anything with hearts and coloured pink. Picking up a box of chocolates or a wilted bunch of flowers on the way home from work is only going to make her think you don’t really care.

It’s worth pointing out here that spending hundreds of dollars isn’t going to impress her either. And if your relationship is in the early stages, it might even scare her off. You’ll be pleased to know that the simplest of gifts can hold huge meaning if they’re given with love and affection. How about we give you a few suggestions, if you’re feeling a little gift-challenged? And you’ll be happy to know they won’t make a big dent in your wallet.

A movie-night in the comfort of your own home – Rent a few of her favourite chick-flicks and enjoy a night at home. Don’t forget to lay on the popcorn, drinks, hot dogs and candy, and cuddle up close so she can’t see you grinning and bearing it. After all, we completely understand that these may not be your favourite kind of movie, but tonight’s the night when she gets to choose.

Say it with your own words – Rather than send a generic card with a bog standard verse buy or make a simple card and add the words of your choice. Picking the words and writing a message that tells her how you feel will be far more appreciated.

Valentine Gift Ideas for HerDine in style at home – Don’t bother with booking a table at your local restaurant because dining at home will be much more intimate. Rather than having to shout over the hubbub of other dinners you’ll be able to whisper sweet nothings in her ear. If the best you can manage is cheese on toast then get a takeaway delivered or hire your own personal chef for the evening. An even better idea would be a cosy picnic in front of the fire with a range of tasty snacks and gourmet
titbits you won’t have to cook Not forgetting a bottle of champagne so you can toast the occasion. Why not start the day with breakfast in bed?

A gift that will make her feel like a princess – Ladies love a spot of pampering and booking her a day at your local spa will soon have her feeling on top of the world. There will be lots of different treatments for her to choose from, and there are even spa centres that offer
couples days.

You don’t have to feel pressured with all the hype that goes with Valentine’s Day. The best gifts are those that come from the heart. Add a splash of romance and you’re set to have a very enjoyable Valentines Day with your significant other half. Our aim is to make the art of gift giving a walk in the park for all our readers, not just for Valentine’s Day, but on many other occasions throughout the year.